Her Environment is an expanded new media art series for feminine spectrum artists. Our mission is to create an intentional space for poc artists, queer artists, non-binary artists, trans and woman artists working in New Media. Our aesthetic focus is on broadening the understanding of how New Media practices can be used. We believe new media can be expanded into multiple formats of art making, from performance to installation and other various non traditional new media practices.



L Barnes Tech & Installation Manager

Manages the upkeep of the equipment and Installation. Communicates with artists & spaces about specific technical needs and helps to curate the physical space and arrange the flow within a space. Also maintains rental coordination & setup for performances.

Iryne Roh Media & Programming Manager

Maintains online media outreach and aesthetics. Helps with managing the website, and creating digital content for social media platforms as well as posters and other print/design/PR mtrl needs that come up. Also manages general organization of programming & scheduling needs with artists & collaborators.


Allie Shyer Founder & Curatorial Director - NYC

Develops and maintains the artistic focus and aesthetics. Manages outreach between spaces and artists collaborations in the NYC based division. Works on finding grants and residencies. Looks for spaces. Also maintains cohesion of Her Environment’s mission between chapters and unified aesthetic.


Chelsea Welch Founder & Curatorial Director - Chicago

Develops and maintains the artistic curation and daily tasks of Her Environment Series. Also develops and maintains partnerships with spaces and artists within the Chicago based Division. Works on maintaining the aesthetic and mission of the series.




Nina Berman Friend of the Family - NYC

Friend of the Her Environment family. PR, communications, and people-connecting. Occasional curating and event organizing for Her Environment NYC.



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