Gallery Assistant, Chicago, IL
Looking for someone to help us for our next show with collecting donations at the door, talking about the show and artists, presenting pamphlets, and checking IDs.

Please email us at if you are interested.

Volunteer Photographer, Chicago, IL & New York, NY
We are looking for a photographer to help us document our future shows. You will be:
*Photographing art works, artists, audience members and other "happenings" around the gallery during opening night/gallery hours.
*Capturing short videos as necessary.
*Basic file formatting.

You must have:
*Minimum 1 year of experience with event photography / relevant field.
*Must have experience photographing and filming in a dark settings and various lighting set-ups. (there will be a lot of videos and projections)
*You must have your own equipment.

Please email us at with some sample works.

Volunteer Installation Assistant, Chicago, IL
Looking for volunteer gallery/installation assistants during our future install-deinstall of exhibitions. Our next upcoming shows are planned to be around the New year.

You will be:

*Assisting with installing works of out-of-state artists as well as in-state artists.
*Assisting with set-up, assembly and take-down of media (video/sound) equipments, projectors and various installation needs.
*Working with gallery owners to fit site-specific needs and requirements.

Preferred Skills:
*Experience with operating and installing various media equipment such as cameras, projectors, lights, speakers/amplifiers, etc. 
*A knowledge of wood shop and hardware skills.
*A keen attention to detail and patience.

Please email us at with your relevant experiences and skills if you are interested.